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Late Arrival to Pearl Harbor

My father, Jack Pearce Jones, was living in Hemphill, TX on Dec.6, 1941.  He was a lineman for the telephone company which his father owned and my mother was the operator. They were married on December 7, 1940.  At some point on Dec. 7, 1942 my mother and father went home to eat and my grandparents were both home.  My grandfather was the recruiting officer for three counties.  He told my parents about the attack and asked my father which  branch of the service he was going to join.  As my father told me he was not too anxious to go to any war but was convinced it was his duty. He joined the Navy and was at Pearl in three weeks. H said they could smell the steanch of the dead before they got inside the harbor.  He said it was totoal bedlam.  A lot of the service people were still in shock and confused.  My father was given a job removing bodies.  When the officers found out he had been a telephone lineman they made him the dispatcher at the harbor.  The harbor was mined and each ship coming in had to be identified which became his job. He said they told him NOT to mess up.  He was later transferred to a mine sweeper in the Pacific until the end of the war.  Daughter, Carol Jones Couvillion