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Your Story: Visit to a Nursing Home Pays Off

We wanted to know who had been putting flowers on my husband’s granduncle’s grave. We first tried to contact the person by putting a note on some silk flowers and leaving it at the gravesite, but we received no response. On Memorial Day we decided we would wait at the grave to see if the person would arrive. Then we discovered we were too late – she had already been there and gone.

We made some inquiries at the nursing home in town, asking the head nurse if there was anyone who was living there who had lived in the town around the time of the granduncle’s death. Sure enough, we were led to a woman who remembered the family. Her daughter, in fact, was a friend of the daughter of the deceased. 

We went directly to the town where the deceased man’s daughter lived, some 40-50 miles from the cemetery, and found her. It turned out that she was the one who had been putting flowers on the grave every year.

For several years after that, we would go to visit the daughter, pick her up and take her to the cemetery. My husband planted the flowers for her and we did the same for a great-grandfather’s grave, which was also in that same cemetery.

What delightful memories we have of those trips. And it’s thrilling to think that a tip from a nursing home led us to a relative we never knew existed before.

Jody Dean

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