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Marriage Records Video and Ancestry Day in Philadelphia, Pa.

Our ancestors got married and we get the gift. Marriage records can include details that can spur our research back in time, but even beyond the names and dates, our ancestors’ weddings marked a big turning point in their lives. I often wonder about their stories. How did they meet?  What kind of wedding did they have? Who stood up in their wedding? I know the answers and have some great stories for some of my close ancestors, but for others, their big day remains a mystery—and I love a good mystery.

In today’s desktop education video, I talked a little about finding marriage records and some alternatives that may give you a little better look at your ancestor’s wedding. You can view it here on the YouTube channel.

Ancestry Day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 3 March 2012
In the video, I mentioned Ancestry Day in Philadelphia, where we’ll be teaming up with the Historical Society of Pennsylvania with a full day of workshops to help you jumpstart your family history.  You can learn more and register for the conference here. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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