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Finding My Adopted Family in the 1940 Census

Lou arriving in El Paso in the arms of her grandfather, Raymond Dyer, 1943

It was 1943 when my father became ill and my mother was left to support six little children. At 22 months of age, I was taken in by my mother’s sister’s family. My grandfather flew with me from New York to El Paso, Texas to the Pyburn home and what was supposed to be a temporary arrangement. My father never recovered so my aunt and uncle lovingly raised me along with their own four children. They had previously lived in Mexico where my uncle was a mining engineer and I’m unsure when they moved back to the United States. I’m excitedly waiting to see where they were living when the 1940 census was taken. This is the family that had so much to do with whom I am today. Will they be there?

Loretto “Lou” Szucs

(Ancestry employee since 1992)

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