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Ask Ancestry Anne: My grandmother’s story continues

I lost touch with my mother’s side of the family many years ago.  But I have rediscovered the family through the documents on

I’ve learned a lot about my grandmother Jennie Elizabeth Payne and then all of her brothers and sisters.  In 1930, I found her and her orphaned brothers and sisters living together,  her father and mother having died in the 1920’s.  It gave me a whole new perspective on her and what she must have gone through. It changed my whole view of her and what her life must have been like.


I know that in 1930 she has no listed profession, but I know she was a nurse at some point in her life.  Was it during the 1930’s?  Did they the family stay together on the farm or where they all leaving elsewhere?  I know most of her brothers fought in WWII.  Did they have any idea what was coming?

I believe she married my grandfather Howard Turner in May of 1940, so I should find her living alone or with relatives.  In 1930, she is living in Crowder’s Mountain, Gaston County, North Carolina.  My mother was born in Buncombe County, North Carolina, after 1940, so I have a couple of counties to start hunting in.  And yes, I will page through the images until I find her.  I just know that there are some details in the census that will help me understand what happened to this family during the depression.

Happy Searching!

— Ancestry Anne

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