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Looking for Lavenia’s Granddaughters

I am waiting for Iowa. And I’ve tried to convince my friends in our data-processing center that Iowa would be such a great state to start with. No one is buying.

Though I can’t wait to see my grandparents, aunts and uncles in the 1940 census records, the folks I am waiting to find, I don’t even know yet. For years I have been tracing the female descendants of my 3rd great grand-aunt, Lavenia Triplett Careless. And those granddaughters of hers have proved elusive and wily. Based on clues to what their married names could be that I have found on USGenWeb, I hope to score a few big finds that will lead me to living cousins who might know a little more of the family story they would be willing to share with me. Here’s who I am looking for:

  • Florence Fisher, b. 1908 in Iowa
  • Mable L. Hyde, b. 1920 in Iowa
  • Betty Ann Hyde, b. 1924 in Iowa
  • Jennie Pearl Parks Parkin, b. Jul 1896 in Iowa

I’ve got my fingers crossed and my cursor on the refresh button at the 1940 Collection page on Ancestry where there is a chart showing the progress for each state (lower left corner).

C’mon Iowa.

Jennifer Utley, Ancestry Employee 15 years