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Ask Ancestry Anne: How do I know when my state is available in the 1940 census?

Question: More than one of our members has asked: “How do I know when my state is available in the 1940 census?”

Answer:  Watch our status page:  1940 United States Federal Census -

At the bottom of the page you will see a list of the States and Territories and where they are in process. 

This is updated manually and you will see the update at the bottom.

Even when a state is “In Process” you can check on the status and see if your county is there. For example, as I write this, we have started on the state of Washington and we have a few counties available to view.  If you see your county, take a look! 

I admit that yesterday I was checking often when they started Virginia to catch Rockbridge County as soon as I could.  And I am impatiently waiting for North Carolina. Patience is not a family trait!

I’ve bookmarked the page, so I can check it quickly.

Happy Searching!

—Ancestry Anne

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