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Finding Grandma Boone


Oh Boone family, where are you hiding?   From city directories and school yearbooks, I recently discovered some great information but I know the 1940 census holds some new information!   Velma and Howard married young.  Velma was just 15 when they were married.  In 1930 she is 16 years old and has a new baby.  Howard is working as an electrician for the switch board.  They are renting a home for $40 per month in Houston.  Then according to city directories, in 1949 they are living in Compton California.   When did they move? Why? 


From family stories, I know that Grandma Boone loved to play card games.  She was known as quite a character and ruthless at “Dirty Dog.”  I hope the 1940 Census will tell me about her education.  What grade was she able to complete considering she married at 15? Was she always a stay at home mom or did she work during the depression?  Howard is an equal mystery.  When did they buy the Compton house?  How much did it cost? Will the answers be in the 1940 Census?  I’m not sure if they were in Texas, California, or somewhere else in 1940 but I can’t wait to find out!


Laura Dansbury,, Director, Product Management