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Ask-Ancestry-Anne: Interesting Tip from a Member on the 1940 Census

This isn’t actually a question, but a comment that might help when people can’t find a specific address.

I worked the 1990 census in the “follow-up” phase where we went back to obtain forms from households who hadn’t returned them.  There were many residences where the street name had changed due to increased traffic on the original road. It was no longer safe for mail delivery or a driveway to be on what was now a busy highway. So the house hadn’t moved, but instead of being 701 Main Street it was now 701 Harvest Drive. They made the landowner move the driveway to the side street. 

This will look really confusing on the census forms because all other houses on Harvest Drive have very different numbers.

— Deb

Thanks Deb for sharing.  You just never know what twist you might run into on your search.

Happy searching!

— Ancestry Anne

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