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My Aunt Was a Census Enumerator!

I discovered one of my aunts, her husband and three children at the start of a census district I thought my grandparents would be in. (I haven’t been able to find them yet.) After searching through the E.D., I went back and started at the beginning again. When I did, I noticed that the listed enumerator was Clara B. McCord, my aunt and one of my mother’s older sisters. This was a lovely surprise, and on reflection, I remembered that Aunt Clara was the town clerk for many years, so I presume that she was a natural for the chore. From what I can see on the pages, she recorded the 680 inhabitants of her small rural town in southern Kansas, starting on April 2nd. They all lived on “unnamed streets of Elk City.” Though I haven’t seen it in years, her neat, vertical handwriting is familiar. I can remember seeing it on letters and cards from her to my family.

June Baker Higgins

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