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Ask Ancestry Anne: Elusive Relatives in Bakersfield 1940


My Grand Parents names are Bion (Bert) Egbert & Florence Edna Waldo and they lived at 237 S. Hayes Bakersfield California. I found this information in the U.S. Directory. 

Also My Great Grand Parents Henry Dobbs & Julia Dobbs lived at 49 S. Hayes in Bakersfield Ca 

There were other family members that were living on that street. 

I have looked through about 400 pages of the Census and have only found my GGrandmother Mamie Waldo who was a house keeper living with her employer. 

I would like to know if possibly they were never surveyed or could they be in other areas of the Census? Is the area of Bakersfield where they lived actually part of Bakersfield at that time? How do I go about finding this information out? 



Oh, those elusive ancestors in the 1940 US Census!

Let’s see what we can find.  I look in the Bakersfield City Directory, just like you did.   Sure enough, on page 419 of the Bakersfield City Directory I find Egbert and Edna Waldo living at 43 S Hayes.   I find Henry and Julia Dobbs living at 49 S. Hayes.

On our 1940 Page, I choose “Already know the cross streets?” 

And there is no Hayes Street.  In fact, I can’t find any of the streets in this area.  Maybe this wasn’t part of Bakersfield.

Let’s try a different way.  I find Egbert B Waldo, who is 14 living with a Bion and Mamie Waldo in Township 3, Kern, California.  This family is living on Brundage Lane, and is right around the corn from Hayes Street.  This sounds like the 1930 enumeration district:  15-30.

So now I choose the “Already know the district from 1930? And look for it under California | 15(Kern) | 30.


Oh my, it maps to 6 different ED’s!  I’m going to try and narrow search via the ED maps.  I choose, California, Kern, Bakersfield.  I look at the addresses in the 6 ED’s and 15-45 and 15-46 look to be the most likely.  Also, 15-46 says it is bounded by Highway 58 which is near Hayes.

So my wonderful readers, I feel like I fell short.

Any of you out there have an idea how to get Deborah to the right Enumeration District?  Or is this just one of those situations where it better to wait for the index?

Ancestry Anne