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Happy Ending is not just for tracing family roots. It can also be a medium to connect with missing family. For 30 years, we were aware of the existence of my husband’s biological brother and sister but had no place to look.

My mother did all the genealogy work for me before she passed away so I joined to put it all into one place. It has been several years now and I have lots of information. On the off-chance that my husband’s biological family might be on too, I recently changed his information to the biological family name.

Four weeks ago we got an email from a lady who was looking for her cousin’s mother. As soon as I saw the email, I knew that the cousins were the missing brother and sister. This has been a remarkable process and we are meeting them for the first time in July.

There are other Gaulthier children out there and we may never find them, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Thanks to, one of life little mysteries has been solved.

  1. addie-aynsley said: I also connected with relatives from my maternal grandfathers side of the family who we knew very little about and had never been in contact with. Really was a great moment.
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