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Ask Ancestry Anne: Search Tip #4 - Local Histories

Local histories can be a goldmine of information, not just about who might be in your family tree, but what life was like during your ancestor’s life. 

There are two ways to find them on  First, in the Card Catalog and second in Place Pages.

Card Catalog

To find a local history in the card catalog, type in the county or city name and the state into Keyword(s).  Don’t use a comma because it might be in the title.

If the list is too long or you just want to see Histories, you can then filter down to “Stories, Memories, and Histories”

The next place you can look is the Place Pages.  The results will be about the same, it is more a matter of choice how you want to search.

But on any given state or county page, you will find a listing for histories.

The Rockbridge County, Virginia page gives you an example:

So if you are looking for something different, or a place you haven’t considered before, think about local histories.  Those brick walls have to fall sometime!

Look for Search Tip #5: Finding Surname Histories, or review: Search Tip #3 : Card Catalog

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