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Ask Ancestry Anne: Copyright Information You Might Find Useful

One issue that plagues those of us who do genealogy whether you started today or you are a seasoned professional, is copyright.  What can you use? How do you attribute it to the creator?  How do you protect your own information?  What can you have a copyright on?

I recently did a Livestream presentation Don’t Get Caught in the Genealogy Cookie Jar about this topic.

Today I read a blog post by Cath Madden Trindle on behalf of the California State Genealogical Alliance. 

She has been presenting on this very topic and has made her presentation, “But It’s My Family…,” available to be viewed and used as needed.


You can find the materials at the self named Educational Materials on csgacopyright and her blog post on the site as well.

She is making the material available so that others can use it to help others enhance their knowledge of copyright issues for the genealogical community.

Happy Searching!