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Ask Ancestry Anne: I’m Bored! Give Me Something To Do!

It’s Friday. You are at work.  Your mind is wandering.  Work is not keeping you focused. (Don’t worry, I won’t tell.)

You can’t drag out your own genealogy.  Maybe you could sneak a peak at a few genealogy blogs and get inspired.

Thomas MacEntee who runs the ever popular Geneabloggers sponsors daily blogging prompts to inspire those who write blogs. For example, today is Friday, and the prompts are:


If you have that “foodie” obsession, check out Family Recipe Friday and you’ll find:

If you click on the Follow Friday link it will lead you to a list of people who use that blogging prompt:

I usually do a Follow Friday column so that I can give a quick shout out to those that have inspired me throughout the week.  Check out Ancestors From Outer Space and Constructive Criticism or Moonshine, Civil War, Newspapers and an Assassin to see what I’ve been reading.

Happy Searching!

— Ancestry Anne

  1. brooklyntree said: This is my great grandfather but I’m not sure I’ve got him sourced correctly on his passage from Italy…
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