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Ask Ancestry Anne: How Can I Find People in My Tree With a Burial Fact?


I have more than 750 people in my family tree and I want to link each one with a Find-A-Grave entry. I think it’s important to know where they are buried because it adds a visual record. When I can identify a gravesite, I add its Find-A-Grave Memorial number in the “Burial Fact” in Is there a way to search my tree for entries with specific facts? I’d like to find out which of my 750+ family tree entries have burial facts listed. I’m pretty sure I’d like to perform this type of search for other facts as well.

Thanks for your help,

Dr. Larry D. (Doug) Graves


Great question!  Your goal goes beyond the basics.  It’s not currently possible to perform this task in an online tree on, but desktop software like Family Tree Maker is a lot more flexible and is better equipped to handle this type of reporting need.  I consulted one of our resident Family Tree Maker experts, Tana L. Pederson, and asked her to show me the best way to accomplish this task.

When you open Family Tree Maker, click Publish and then choose Person Reports to create a Custom Report.

In the middle you will see Custom Report, click that report, then on the right hand-side select that and click Create Report.

Now you need to select the information or facts that you want in your report.  You will see on the right hand side, a little box with a green arrow:

Click on the green arrow icon to open the dialog box where you can select items to include in your Custom Report. Select Birth and you will see a red X appear.

When Birth is selected, click the red X and remove it.  Now you can do that for Marriage as well.

Next, add Burial by clicking on the blue + button. This brings up a list of all Facts. Choose Burial and click OK.   

You are back on the list of items to include. Under Notes, deselect Include Person Notes, and select Include Sources, and then click OK. (Always include your sources so you know where the information came from!)

Now you can select the people with burial facts associated with them.  On the right hand side, select Selected Individuals which will enable the Individuals to Include option.

Click the Filter In button in the center and select All Facts:

Select Burial from the drop-down menu Search where: in the center, then select Is not blank next to it:

Click OK, wait for your report to generate, and you will have a list of everyone in your tree with a burial fact, and because you included sources, you can see at the end how those facts are documented.

Are you one of those people who are hard to buy presents for? You might want to throw out a hint: ask for Beyond the Basics: A Guide for Advanced Users of Family Tree Maker 2012, by Tana L. Pedersen, which is available in the Store.  Not only does it cover these useful tips, but a lot of other ideas that will help you further your research.

Happy holidays and happy searching!

Ancestry Anne