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Ask-Ancestry-Anne: Favorite Search Tip #1 - Shaky Leaves

Search Tip #1: Have do the work for you won’t find everything that’s out there, but if someone can deliver records about ancestors to you, why not take advantage of it?  That leaves you more time to understand the record and then find more!

In the header, you’ll see the hint notification leaf:

If you click on it, we will show your most recent hints:

You can determine which trees you see in hint preferences (it’s in the blue area):

In your hint preferences you can determine which trees you want to see hints from as well as if you want to see Member Tree hints:

If you click on the See all at the bottom, this will take you to the all hints page for a specific tree and you can pick and choose what hint you want to start with.

And as usual, you can find your shaky leaves on your tree.

Next:  Search Tip #2: Place Pages.

Note: This tips are also discovered in my livestream presentation Searching Successfully to Reveal Your Ancestor’s Story, Part1 

Happy Searching!

Ancestry Anne