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Ask Ancestry Anne: Search Tip #12 - Location Filters

This is my favorite search filter. Sure it may never have occurred to you to have a favorite, but I find this one incredibly useful.

When you are in search form and you start typing in a location, you will see our type ahead suggest a list of places for you.

Choose from this list.  This allows us to quickly identify everything we know about that place.  Once you’ve picked the place, you can then click on “Use Default Settings” underneath.

If you choose “Restrict to this place exactly” the place you’ve identified must match exactly.  So if you entered, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA, and checked Restrict to this place exactly, you will not get matches for just Cook County, Illinois, USA.

If you choose County, then you will get matches for both the city and just the county.  And if you don’t find your person in those locations, you might try expanding to county/adjacent counties.  You don’t need to know what they are or if they crossed state lines, we know, and we will search them. 

If you just choose state and have Chicago, Cook, Illinois as your location, we will match those locations that are in Chicago first, but as long as the state is Illinois is in the location, it matches.

Give this one a spin.  By adjusting this you can expand and contract your searches easily to locate those elusive records.

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Happy Searching!

Ancestry Anne