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Ask Ancestry Anne: Favorite Search Tip #2 - Place Pages

When you start researching a new area, or if you are just trying to find something new and different for a place you are familiar with, Place Pages is a great place to start looking.

Go to our Search Home Page and go down to the bottom of the page.  You’ll see the map which is where you begin.

Click on the link of whatever state you are interested in.  Or if you are not interested in the United States, look at one of the country tabs to change your focus.

I’m going to focus on my maternal side, so I click on North Carolina.

You’ll notice that we’ve broken the data collections up by categories:

This can help you identify if we specific census enumerations specific to that state, and will lay out what Vitals we have.  And if you are in the mood to document those military careers you’ll know where to start.

Stories, Memories and Histories may help you discover some colorful tales about what was like in the era your ancestors live.

We didn’t stop at the state level.  If you look at the area on the right under the map, you will see the list of counties that we have information on as well.

If I click on Lincoln, I’ll see the 28 collections has on Lincoln County:

You just never know where your going to find that piece of information that will help you break down the brick wall!

Look for Search Tip #3: Card Catalog, or review: Search Tip #1 : Shaky Leaves

Happy Searching!

Ancestry Anne