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Ask Ancestry Anne: Search Tip #15 - Category Searches

Sure it’s nice to a long list of all the possible records we have for the person you are searching for.  But sometimes you want to know what data collections we think your person is in.  This is where you want to use Category Search.  Let’s say you are looking for my ancestor Tarlton Gillespie:

To flip this to category search, in the upper right hand corner, where it says “Sorted by relevance” change that to “Summarized by category”:

And then you will see the results list by category and data collection:

This is a sticky feature, so once you set it, it will stay this way.   This is a great way to find specific records and see possible collections.  Any of the other features I’ve talked about also apply.  Don’t want UK records? Set to US only.

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Happy Searching!

Ancestry Anne