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Ask Ancestry Anne: Search Tip #14 – Limit Your Scope

We have records from many countries, but sometimes you just want one.  Or maybe you just want to see historical record or stories &publications.  Here is a quick fix for that.

Collection Priority

At the bottom of the advanced search form, you will see a box labeled Collection Priority:

Change “All Collections” to the country or record type you are after.  Then check the “Show only records from these collections” and then do your search.  And we will only show you records from that country.

Restrict to

Underneath Collection Priority you will see Restrict To

You have four categories to choose from:

  • Historical Records
  • Family Trees
  • Stories & publications
  • Photos & maps

Choose 1 or 4 or any combination, but you must choose at least one.

Beware of “sticky” options

These features are what we call “sticky” because they stick until you change them.  To make them stick, set whatever your options you want and then do a search.  Next search, these options will be the same, until you reset and search.

Just remember, if you are looking for Photos and none come up, check your options.  You may have set them and forgotten what you’ve set.

Next tip: Search Tip #15: Category Searches or review the previous tip: Search Tip #13: Wildcards

Happy Searching!

Ancestry Anne