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Ask Ancestry Anne: Search Tip #8 - Message Boards or Rootsweb message boards can be one of those often forgotten but very useful places to find distant cousins who are searching for the same ancestors you are or those who are knowledgeable about a certain place or time.

You can find the link to our message boards in the header:


From there, you will go to the main dashboard where you can search for specific surname, location or topic:

Let’s say I’m looking for information on my Gillespie relatives.  I entered Gillespie into the search box and find:

I can then search within that board by typing in another name and checking the Board only box:

This will then display all the messages with that phrase or name:

And if you don’t find what you are looking for, post a message with as much information as you know in both the surname and the county message board asking for information.  Be sure to include Names, Relationships and any dates you might have.  You never know who might be reading that will have some information for you.

Look for Search #9:  One World Tree or review: Search Tip #7: wiki

Happy Searching!

Ancestry Anne