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Ask Ancestry Anne: How Do I Rename a Tree on

Question: Cecile St. John sent in a question about syncing trees and changing trees names.  In short, she is wondering why if she changes the name on her Family Tree Maker 2012 tree and syncs it, why doesn’t it change on the site.  And how does she change it?

Answer: In short, I don’t know why it doesn’t update. :-) But I do know how to change it! 

One of my trees has the odd name, “gilberts new tree” which now that I look at it seems kind of strange. 

I click on Tree Pages and then on Tree Settings:

Now I see:

I type something more meaningful into the box labeled Tree Name:

The message “The tree information has been updated” tells me I was successful.

This is also where you can change your Privacy Settings.

You can choose from a Public Tree, a Private Tree, or a Private Tree that is not indexed.  A Private Tree means others can find it, but have to ask (hopefully politely!) to look. 

Choosing the check box “Also prevent your tree from being found in searches” means no one will know that it is there.

Happy Searching!

— Ancestry Anne